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I recently heard of some successful online personalities who swear by GoPro Vlogging.

My search for the ideal camera solutions has taken me weeks of research and investigation. 

Finding specific details on cameras is relatively easy.   it’s the little details are what make it hard.

So I ended up spending way too much time researching an ideal camera solution. 

Unfortunately in 2019, it’s still impossible to find the perfect camera.  A Canon DSLR without a 30 minute video limitation is the ideal solution for me. Until that happens though, I’ll need to compromise. 

Canon is my favorite platform, especially Canon’s lenses.  I want to be able to sit down and record a 60 minute video straight through, or with a couple of takes, without having to start/stop the camera every 30 minutes.

The problem I have — it’s actually a lot of stress worrying about if the camera is on or off while you’re trying to create quality content. It’s a real hassle to get up, get situated again and try to remember where you left off.

Especially when the camera turns off when you’re in the middle of riffing on a great idea.

You want to live stream or host a video webinar for more than 30 minutes? You’re screwed.

However, if you’re looking for the best setup for easy vlogging, I put together what I think is the best compromise for an all in one solution and the ultimate rig for my vlogging needs.

Some of the requirements I have are: portability, affordability, image quality and streaming support.


A GoPro lens is never going to compare to the options and image quality of Canon glass, the outcome for online video and the image quality was an appropriate level for creating content quickly, easily and frustration free.  The tradeoff is some of the creative options you have with lens options.

Of course the perfect platform for my perfect vision of a streamable camera solution with interchangeable lenses is the Canon C300.  The Canon C300 is a purpose built video camera, I just can’t justify the 20x expense and am more than willing to accept the tradeoffs for the time being.

Everything is easy when you aren’t worried about a budget.

One of the principles of MVP Institute is to maximize ROI and minimize expense, we can easily make the following statement:  This GoPro configuration is absolutely the best solution for MVP focused entrepreneurs wanting to create online video content.

Portability / Compact Design

I need something I can carry around with me that fits in a small bag, something that let’s me take it anywhere with me with not too much hassle.

Affordable (Can’t Break the Bank)

There are thousands of video solutions to choose from, most of them have limitations and tradeoffs out of the box.  The cost of accessories to get what I needed would have cost me 5 times what I spent for my needs.

4k Ability

The image quality of your videos speak volumes to your audience and can be critical to your success.

Streaming Support

Occasionally, I host live webinars or training programs and need the ability to easily ‘go live’.  This in itself can be a huge challenge if you want to use an external camera. 

Most DSLR’s still have a 30 minute limit on recording, and this goes for streaming too.  The GoPro with it’s HDMI output and unlimited record time is one of the best solutions I’ve found.

There is a significant trade off in ability to use high end DSLR lenses that I’d prefer, but the image on the GoPro ends up being much better than I was expecting.

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