Step-By-Step Guidance On Launching and Promoting Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign



You’re a founder.

In other words, you’re really amazing at identifying opportunity and seeing where things can go.  You’re probably pretty good at getting things done, recruiting talent and speaking openly on what you’re doing.

Here’s the problem.

You need the capital to make your dreams a reality.  Raising capital is a whole new ball game and it doesn’t fit into any of the other categories you’re comfortable in.  Do you know the different types of investors?  Do you know the “language” they speak?

If you’re already an expert at raising capital, our program is probably not for you.

However, like most early stage founders, if you’re struggling to communicate the vision and capture the attention of the investors you desperately need — keep reading!

Simply put, you don’t know how to:

  • Communicate to the Crowdfunding Investor Type..
  • Create an attractive and compelling listing..
  • Find your ideal investor audience..
  • Identify the absolute best advertising strategies..
  • Effectively recruit friends and family..
  • Create a marketing engine to turn your investors into brand ambassadors..
  • Leverage the power of your existing relationships..

And THAT is what we’re going to teach you.. and we walk you through it all together, step by step, custom tailored around your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our team has been involved in Equity Crowdfunding before it was officially launched.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies market their company and raise millions of dollars..  And unlike any other agency out there, we’ve actually raised money for ourselves too.


Travis is the former co-founder of Newchip, the largest equity crowdfunding Marketplace and the largest global accelerator for early stage companies.

As an award-winning startup executive, Travis Brodeen is “The Entrepreneur’s Coach.” He helps founders accelerate their growth and maximize their profit and impact through direct coaching and business consulting. Travis has helped hundreds of people scale including many to seven and eight figures using his proven methodology and helped hundreds of startups successfully raise funding.  He has a strong mix of early dotcom startup experience, mixed with a Fortune 50 consulting career.  In 2011, he bootstrapped a company from $3,000 to over $1.2M/month in the first quarter.  Travis believes the only way the world improves is through entrepreneurship.  He’s a proud husband, father, and philanthropist with a concentration on solving the homeless crisis, funding entrepreneurs in impoverished countries and giving clean water to those who don’t have any.


Sunday Golf

Own A Golf Brand Today!

Amount Raised: $1,132,339

Portal: Wefunder

Travis was instrumental in the success of Sunday Golf’s Wefunder campaign.  Could not have done it without him.  Have already referred a few people to him.  You need to use him! 

Ronan Galvin, CEO Sunday Golf

Joule Case

Events come back greener with patented, portable energy from Joule Case

Amount Raised: $2,459,272

Portal: Wefunder


Transforming the $2T US housing market with robotic smart homes

ZenniHome is transforming the housing industry with beautiful homes that are built on a factory assembly line.

Amount Raised: $3,934,899

Portal: Wefunder

Making Fun

The next generation of epic role-playing games

Making Fun is an independent game developer and publisher best known for the hit ARPG, Eternium. We are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a talented global team with concentrations in South America and Eastern Europe.

Amount Raised: $749,420

Portal: Wefunder

Vita Imaging

Defy Cancer
Vita Imaging Inc. is a medical device company developing cutting-edge cancer detection and diagnostic technology.

Amount Raised: $839,246

Portal: StartEngine


Zencastr is an all-in-one podcasting platform focused on podcaster success

Amount Raised: $546,498

Portal: Wefunder


Family first internet protection service powered by machine learning

Amount Raised: $644,830

Portal: Wefunder


A master tailor in your pocket

Amount Raised: $2,134,500

Portal: Wefunder

Tucson Tamale

The #1 Premium Tamale in the US

Amount Raised: $610,688

Portal: Wefunder


The Shark Tank success that turns backyards into supermarkets!

Amount Raised: $942,863

Portal: Wefunder

Urvin Finance

The only finance-focused social platform w/ professional quality data and tools

Amount Raised: $1,464,664

Platform: Wefunder


Helping farmers increase crop yield, save water and maximize profits

Amount Raised: $2,601,370

Platform: Wefunder


#1 Professional Network for Musicians and Creatives in the World

Amount Raised: $3,990,567

Portal: Wefunder


Smart Mailbox for Drone Delivery

Amount Raised: $3,590,090

Valuation:  $225M

Revenue: Pre-revenue

Portal: Wefunder

TBJ Gourmet

We upcycle bacon ends into sweet spreadable bacon jam!

Amount Raised: $420,902

Portal: Wefunder


Transforming Supply Chain

Amount Raised: $4,932,935

Portal: StartEngine


The Global Portfolio of Startups

Amount Raised: $2,666,677

Portal: Wefunder

Boaz Bikes

Revolutionary eco-conscious micro-mobility company moving people more safely

Amount Raised: $930,934

Portal: Wefunder


Nanotechnology fuel additive which makes fuel more efficient and cleaner

Amount Raised: $911,940

Portal: Wefunder

IX Water

Revolutionary Water Recycling Technology

Amount Raised: $1,961,713

Portal: StartEngine

Ghost Flower

World’s only activewear with the body’s energy network woven in.

Amount Raised: $305,000

Portal: Wefunder

Called Higher Studios

Faith & Family-Based Entertainment

Amount Raised: $1,069,938

Portal: StartEngine

Next Door Photos

Real Estate Photography Capitalizing on Industry Shift Towards Virtual Tours

Amount Raised: $508,754

Portal: Wefunder

Commerce AI

Artificial intelligence to power next generation commerce

Amount Raised: $1,043,816

Portal: StartEngine


“Travis is the Master at designing and implementing effective marketing and promotional strategies for Crowdfunding. In addition, Travis is a wonderful peer coach on dealing with the day to day stresses and disasters one encounters running a startup. I highly recommend Travis Brodeen for anything he says he can do for you or your company.”

John R Grizz Deal

Executive Chairman & CEO, IX Power Clean Water, Inc.

“Professional, friendly, useful advising and connections. Travis is an experienced and knowledgeable fundraiser, and he works flexibly toward an output that you can be proud to present to VCs. He also has the connections and support to get the word out about your company, so if you are unsure how to enter or communicate in the fundraising world, this is a great place to start.”

Kevin Kallmes

Chief Executive Officer at Nested Knowledge

“Travis and I started working together for the marketing and advertising of the public offering for my company with ‘Wefunder’. I had the privilege to experience firsthand his professionalism, his expertise and great knowledge about his specific niche. It’s an absolute pleasure to work and learn from this brilliant man.”

Yamandou Alexander

CEO & Chairman Makeba Inc 

“Travis helped change my perspective about what it means to be committed. Confidence is always his focus with any entrepreneur and Travis brought that out of me in just a few sessions. He is a straight shooter and he will remind you of the uphill battle at stake. Overall he improves your acumen which leads to incredible change. I recommend Travis as a mentor, advisor, connector and leader, it is a pleasure interacting with him weekly and monthly for best results.”

“Travis transformed my pitch deck, led me to new connections and provided me with a polished sound board. He is a leader, mentor, advisor, professional and gentlemen. Travis is a straight shooter, so be prepared to answer those tough questions. From the first time you meet Travis, you know he brings massive credibility to your endeavor. We have gone over and through so many channels together through the beginning stages of my seed round, and it has provided me with SO much confidence to become who I have always wanted to be.”

Bret Karetsky

Co-founder, CEO at Unicorn

“Launching a crowdfunding campaign without a product and for our pre-seed round was a daunting task. Hiring Travis to help us throughout the raise with our investor messaging was something I would do over and over again. He was available whenever we needed and helped us throughout the entire raise. Hire him if you’re thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign!”

Tiffany Kelly

Sports + Entertainment Data Scientist | Founder at Curastory | ex-ESPN

“For most people, diving into a Reg CF fundraising campaign is like learning to speak a foreign language. All of the rules and regulations can be confusing if you don’t have a guide like Travis to help lead through the uncertainty. Travis helped us run a great campaign and max out our funding round. His expertise and advice were incredibly helpful to us reaching our goals.”

Taylor Blom

Social Impact Entrepreneur & CRO of Next Door Photos

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Travis for several years and have recently worked with him on re-energizing our company’s fundraising campaign. Using unconventional but proven strategies, Travis helps define the correct audience and funding strategy for a start-up’s stage and type of business. He coaches on the correct messaging strategies, as well as incorporating content for an impactful and effective pitch deck and website that drive results. Travis’ personable, no-nonsense approach has helped hundreds of CEOs and I highly recommend him in making a difference in your business’ growth.”

Laurie Cercone

Investor Relations & Mentor


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